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The mission of the Trust is to broaden the opportunities for educational experience and cultural enrichment in ways that may be unattainable for individual schools, to inspire higher levels of motivation and achievement for students, and to build a reputation for Beaver County as a leader in quality education. Our function is to evaluate the unmet needs for quality education in the County, to provide leadership in developing programs that will address such needs, and to generate and administer the necessary funding.

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Economy Goes Buggy for Reading - First grade teacher, Carrie Malinich, implemented a uniquely entomological reading tool to help teach her students to read. Each student created a “Buggy Reading Wallet” to keep track of their book bucks, books, reading level card, login card, reward tickets … Continue reading
Hopewell – Exploration Station @ the Library - Mini-grant funds were used to create a student exploration station and resource center in the Hopewell High School library. Students now have centralized access to supplemental learning materials from the following categories: technology, learning games, and the arts. Students visit … Continue reading
Hopewell Mini-Grant Aeroponics Tower Garden - Hopewell teacher, Michele Grandovic, was able to give her students firsthand experience in growing their own produce. Over the last few weeks the students built and maintained an aeroponics garden tower in the classroom.  “Aeroponics is the process of growing … Continue reading
2 thoughts on “Home
  • Elizabeth hough says:

    Are you only allowed to enroll one child in the household? It let me enroll my youngest but I have 4

    • webadmin says:

      The program targets children from birth to the age of 5. If your children are older they have aged out and would not be eligible to participate.

      Further, the BCET does not have a formal policy against enrolling multiple children, however, typically the same age appropriate books are sent to children as they mature from infant to toddler to preschooler. The first book sent, “Good Night Moon”, has been the same for years. So, anyone enrolling multiple children would potentially end up with multiple copies of the same 10 books. That is not to say titles don’t ever get swapped out, but it is a rare occasion when they do.

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