Beaver County Educational Trust

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The mission of the Trust is to broaden the opportunities for educational experience and cultural enrichment in ways that may be unattainable for individual schools, to inspire higher levels of motivation and achievement for students, and to build a reputation for Beaver County as a leader in quality education. Our function is to evaluate the unmet needs for quality education in the County, to provide leadership in developing programs that will address such needs, and to generate and administer the necessary funding.

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STEAM Night at Ambridge - Ambridge Area’s Highland Elementary School held its STEAM Night Wednesday evening with help from a grant given by Highmark and the Beaver County Educational Trust.
BCET RECEIVES EITC DONATION of $5000 from Huntington Bank - Huntington Bank has made a generous EITC donation to the BCET of $5,000. EITC donations must be used for PA Department of Community and Economic Development approved programs such as the Growing with Books program and the Story-Walks program. EITC Business … Continue reading
SHELL DONATES 30K SUPPLIES GRANT to BCET - Shell provided a $30,000 grant to the Beaver County Educational Trust. The BCET will then in turn supply $5,000 grants to the Beaver, Central Valley, Midland, Western Beaver and Aliquippa school districts to reimburse teachers for out of pocket expenses … Continue reading
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