Hall of Fame Inductees and ToY

Basis of Recognition

The Beaver County Educational Trust Education Hall of Fame recognizes, honors, and celebrates outstanding achievements and service in the field of education.  The basis for recognition of honorees may be for accomplishments in Beaver County or for accomplishments by Beaver County natives in other areas of the United States.


To be eligible for nomination to the Beaver County Educational Trust Education Hall of Fame, the nominee must be of good character and have a minimum of 15 years association with an education related endeavor or have a significant impact on education in general.  Recognition may be given to individuals or organizations.


Nominations will be received on a rolling basis, year-round; however, nomination evaluations will be done during February and March.  All nominations and support information are due by February 1 in the year of award presentation. Nominations received after February 1 may be considered for future award.  Nominations not approved in the current year may be retained at the discretion of the committee for future approval.  Nominations submitted become the property of the committee, and nominations are not returned. Only approved nominations will be confirmed by the committee.  Anyone may submit a nomination for consideration to the Beaver County Educational Trust Education Hall of Fame Committee.  Hall of Fame awards may be confirmed posthumously. Those making a nomination are responsible for providing nomination support information

Please direct any questions to: Jamie Connelly, Executive Director, jmconnelly@gmail.com, 724-513-1633

Nominations may be submitted through the BCET Website (beavercountyeducationaltrust.org), by email listed above or by post mail to BCET Education Hall of Fame, PO Box 216, Beaver, PA 15009

PDF Mail-In Nomination From for Education Hall of Fame

On-Line Nomination Form for Education Hall of Fame