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The Growing with Books program is focused on going
beyond the schools and reaches out to the families
and households within our entire community.
When a Beaver County baby is born within Heritage
Valley Health Systems, they receive the board book
“Goodnight Moon” along with an enrollment form for
Growing with Books. Once the child is enrolled they will
receive a book every six months until the age of five.
There is overwhelming consensus among researchers
that reading aloud to children (especially from birth
through age five) plays a key role in a child’s emerging
literacy and preparation for success in school.

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Growing With Books

  • Currently, there are more than 2,500 children
  • Growing with Books is successfully completing
    its 26th year and currently.
  • This program is a seamless collaboration
    between Heritage Valley Health System, the
    Beaver Valley Rehabilitation Center, and
    the Beaver County Educational Trust


“Our family is so grateful for receiving Growing with
Books. When my baby was born, my six year old sat
on my hospital bed and read my newborn her very
first book, “Goodnight Moon” provided by Growing
with Books.” Brenda Michel

“Growing with Books begins early literacy in every
household that it touches. Spending time reading to
children early on helps them to learn to love books
and provides excellent quality time. I am grateful
for the books my children receive. They are always
excited to see a book arrive in the mail just for
them! Thanks for helping to build our library and our
children’s love for books!” Kristi Leipel

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