Registration Fall 2021 – PA Branch | The International Dyslexia Association (

43rd Conference on Reading, Literacy and Learning

Saturday, November 13th

10 Scholarships available for Beaver County Educators on a first come first serve basis. Use Promo Code: BEAVER_10

Up to 10 CEUs Available including ACT 48

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Julie Washington

Teaching African American Children to Read: The Impact of Language Variation Learning to read depends upon learning the phonemic, phonological, syntactic and morphological structure of words. For children who speak varieties of English that differ from General American English these domains of language may differ significantly from text, making it harder to learn to read and write.

Session Speakers:

  • Peggy Hickman, Ph.D. and Priscilla Jeter-Iles, Ed.D. Culturally-Informed Literacy Instruction Meets the Science of Reading
  • Colleen Lelli, Ed.D When Learning and Schools Cause Trauma: Strategies for ALL Educators
  • Jake Sussman Mentoring Students for Success
  • Michael Fawley & Kathy Walker Assistive Technology Workshop: How Technology Can Help
  • Panel Discussion Join Our Journeys: 1000 Steps Toward All Children Reading

Registration Fall 2021 – PA Branch | The International Dyslexia Association (

Use Promo Code: BEAVER_10

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