Beaver Area James Hanlon A View of Beaver From Space
(Math Concept Application and Enrichment)
20 $500
Beaver Area Desarai Porada Through Picture Books 138 $500
BVUI Jeff Huchko, et al. Empowering Student Leaders: Promoting the Awareness of Head Injuries 1,000+ $1000
Blackhawk Carol Sprinker, et al. Spelling Bee 500+ $1000
Blackhawk Kelley Engle Making a Difference in Our Community 400 $500
Freedom Jeanine Ging & Lisa Moore Pond Rehabilitation 105 $500
Hopewell Lisa Morell Adventure Education/Geocaching 200 $445
Hopewell Lynn Milanovich, et el. Independence Greenhouse Club 20 $500
New Brighton Stacey Pasquale FROG Science Unit 140 $500
Riverside Michael Houston M^3:Making Math Meaningful 110 $405
Riverside Jacqueline Pinchot School Scrabble Program 48 $190
South Side MaryEllen Watts LEGO Story Starter 21 $500
South Side Jodi Kostek & Nancy Lucas Fun with Friends 35 $500
Total $7,040

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