The Richard Shaw IMPACT Grant launches today through the BCET. The new grant program is designed to provide real resources to Beaver County schools by leveraging the BCET’s growing list of powerful donors looking for worthwhile educational projects. Cristine Wagner-Dietch, Programs Committee Chair, had this to say when asked about the new grant,

The BCET seeks to connect teachers and their great ideas with potential donors interested in making an IMPACT in our community.

— Cristine Wagner-Deitch (Progams Committee Chair)

The Richard Shaw IMPACT Grant, while new, is seen as a natural extension of the widely popular Great Idea Mini-Grant. Two of the main differences are the IMPACT Grant has a rolling submission and the money isn’t guaranteed. Once a grant application is filed with the BCET the organization will work to find a donor interested in funding the project. The award is capped at $5,000. To learn more or to apply now on-line go to:

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