Hopewell teacher, Michele Grandovic, was able to give her students firsthand experience in growing their own produce. Over the last few weeks the students built and maintained an aeroponics garden tower in the classroom. 

“Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil or an aggregate medium (known as geoponics). The word “aeroponic” is derived from the Greek meanings of aer (ἀήρ, “air”) and ponos (πόνος, “labour”). Aeroponic culture differs from both conventional hydroponics, aquaponics, and in-vitro (plant tissue culture) growing. Unlike hydroponics, which uses a liquid nutrient solution as a growing medium and essential minerals to sustain plant growth; or aquaponics which uses water and fish waste, aeroponics is conducted without a growing medium. It is sometimes considered a type of hydroponics, since water is used in aeroponics to transmit nutrients.” according to Wikipedia.

The BCET was excited for the invitation from Mrs. Grandovic to visit the garden tower and see what she and her students were able to do with the BCET Great Ideas mini-grant! Board members Bruce Fleming and Jamie Connolly enjoyed salads freshly grown from the Aeroponics tower garden and the other tradition garden. Both of which were funded in part by previous BCET mini-grants. The BCET board members couldn’t have been more proud after hearing the students’ presentation. Bruce Fleming said, “I think I might be getting one for my house!” 

The BCET is excited to be able to help local teachers and schools by funding  opportunities to further kids’ education! A special thank you to Tusca Ridge Garden Club for the donation to the BCET that allowed all of this to happen!

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