This project is designed to integrate reading assistance dogs into the classroom as reading companions. My intention is to find people who will allow their therapy dogs to match up with struggling readers in an effort to develop literacy while making connects in a therapeutic context. Programs such as these have been successful in other areas of the country (R.E.A.D in Tallahassee is an amazing program to immolate). While developing a pleasure for reading, children will learn to care for dogs, find social and emotional strength, and develop functional life skills.


The students’ needs addressed will vary. There are educational needs, such as reading and literacy, and basic skill needs, such as doing laundry and caring for the dog’s needs. There are social needs being met that involve interacting appropriately with pet. Having the dog as the audience will decrease the stress involved with any fluency issues that may occur during oral reading. The process of petting the dog will help with motor skills and act as a calming method while reading. We are looking at the whole child and looking to develop the entire child, not just meeting his/her educational needs.


The goal of the project is to boost reading skills as well as the students social and emotional learning. The program should give a positive purpose for reading that is not a painful chore for the students, but a positive pleasurable activity. Another goal is to support functional skills of caring for a pet. A final goal is the functional skill of washing and drying blankets as well as cleaning the dog’s bowl and supplying fresh water at each visit.

Amount Requested: $1461.17

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