After attending the Social Thinking conference, we plan to use the knowledge attained there, along with licensed resources purchased, to train our Kindergarten teammates throughout the district on how to incorporate the social thinking models in their classrooms. We are confident that, by focusing on SEL at the primary level, it will strengthen our students’ abilities to meet the goals set for them in the district-wide positive behavior plan that we will be putting into place in the fall of 2019. It will also compliment our Safe 2 Say Something program, which is an anonymous tip hotline for the Hopewell community to report suspected threats.


Kindergarten marks the beginning of a child’s educational journey. As Kindergarten teachers, we are tasked with the responsibility of providing a solid foundation upon which our students can construct a passion for life-long learning. Students enter their building on the first day of school with overflowing excitement and unlimited potential. For some students, this is their first time being in a school, while for others, it’s a known place where they have already had a positive learning experience.

When thinking about new beginnings with that provide endless possibilities, construction work comes to mind. When workers step onto a plot of ground for the first time, they begin to visualize what the final outcome may be for this particular location. However, without even thinking, they
automatically know that the structure needs to be solid, level and safe. Each worker has their own responsibilities towards reaching the ultimate goal of providing their clients with a solid foundation to support the longevity of the structure. No two buildings are exactly the same, but they all have the same goal: to provide a secure level of comfort for the occupants. When students step into their classrooms for the first time, they envision what they may become in the future. Just like building a structure, students deserve to have the same desired outcome for their learning blueprint. The school experience they have will ideally be solid, strong, and safe, just like the secure foundation of a new building. No two students are the same, but the goal is still ultimately the same: to receive the best education possible with a certain level of comfort in being their true selves. With the Super Flex program, students of all learning modalities will be taught how to collaborate and communicate effectively with everyone and to use their creativity to critically think in all learning situations. This program particularly reaches those students with special needs who are unable to effectively express their thoughts and feelings to others. When all students are given the proper tools and consistent vocabulary, they will be able to work with all students regardless of their learning needs. It is critical for students to learn problem solving skills, how to read social cues, how to participate in appropriate social interactions, to identify expected and unexpected behaviors in various environments, and how to identify and regulate their own emotions. We are seeing a deficit in these skills in many students starting at an early age. We strongly believe that the Social Thinking program will greatly decrease the social-emotional deficits our students are currently experiencing and facing.


The Social Thinking model will be consistently and uniformly incorporated in the daily classroom routines and procedures of our nine Kindergarten classrooms. These tools and strategies will assist our students in regulating emotions, interacting with others in a successful manner, and exhibiting positive behavior in varied settings. Overall percentage of positive ClassDojo points will increase throughout the year, while the percentage of negative ClassDojo points will decrease. (Our elementary buildings utilize an online program called ClassDojo to communicate with families and to track student behaviors.)

After six months to one year of successful implementation, we will reach out to our first grade colleagues with the hope that they will also utilize the Social Thinking program. This will ensure continuity over time, increasing the likelihood that students will recognize and regulate their own emotions and actions.

Amount Requested: $5,000

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