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Our project is focused on providing Opportunities/Exposure/Engagement of our teenagers here at Hopewell High School. We strongly feel that our students need of exposure to innovative methods to address overall health, wellness and nutrition. Implementing these initiatives will counter the effects of screen time and sedentary lifestyles of many of our teenagers. Our goal is to provide opportunities that will inspire and empower our teens to develop a healthy lifestyle that will jettison them into their future. According to Stephen Ritz, “it is easier to raise healthy children then to fix broken men”.


We need to have our wellness facility open throughout all class periods encouraging student engagement during free time and study halls;
We need to have our garden area open and accessible to all students, especially those in Family and Consumer Science Classes, Art, Health and Physical Education;
Need to provide an enlarged garden space where all students can learn to grow and plant herbs and vegetables and can learn how to use them in meal preparation;
Need a means to reduce screen time and provide alternative behaviors;
Need state of the art cardiovascular and strength training equipment and a sound system;
Need a means to provide healthy drink and snack alternatives, smoothies and veggies;
Need an opportunity to be exposed to innovative health and wellness idea via the Viking Farm to School to Table event.


To increase health awareness among students;
To promote healthy lifestyle behaviors through educational and outreach activities;
To increase participation in wellness programs;
To improve our wellness facility;
To promote gardens and growing healthy food;
To allow our students more opportunities to engage in unstructured, meaningful educational real life activities that just may alter their lifestyle for the better;
To be more present in the day to day activities;

Amount Requested: $5,000

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