Wellness Wagon
Hopewell school nurses, Tamara Kross and Leah Meehan, received a Great Ideas Mini-Grant from the BCET for a “Wellness Wagon”. The Wellness Wagon contained a variety of engaging hands-on activities that promoted health and wellness to the 793 Hopewell Area School District students in grades kindergarten through grade 4 during the months of February, March, April, and May 2017.

The health and wellness topics included were; dental care, nutrition, physical activity, introduction to parts of the human body, illness prevention, and wellness promotion. The Wellness Wagon contained a variety of hands-on interactive activities, a dental model that taught brushing and flossing, a model for hand-washing and germs, food models and nutrition games that taught healthy eating, and models of the parts and functions of the human body. This grant provided the opportunity for these students to engage in a hands-on learning experience that will promote a lifetime of healthy living.

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