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On a daily basis we ask students to work together to complete tasks using paper and pencils. As we move further into 21st Century Learning, the way students interact, communicate, and problem solve become more and more complex. It is also more challenging to engage students in the learning as they become more driven by technology. Wonder Workshop robots are a fun and interactive way for students to learn how to code, work together, and problem solve using 21st Century technology and skills.


Students will learn how to code the robot and develop their coding skills so that they can launch a ball, play the xylophone, and sketch a picture using Dash. To achieve these goals, students will use iPads to control the robot by learn the different coding skills needed to accomplish these tasks.

Students will also work on interpersonal skills such as working together and following directions. These are crucial skills in the 21st century work force.


The key project goal is to make the abstract concept of coding come to life in a fun interactive way while at the same time developing interpersonal skills of working together to solve problems. The hope is that once our school has these robots and my classroom becomes familiar with all of the coding possibilities, then next year we will put them into our technology center for use by other classrooms, and I will be able to lead professional development for my colleagues on how they can use these in the classroom. Looking further into the future, (approximately one or two years), as more and more students become interested in these robots, we could develop a Wonder Workshop team to compete in the Wonder Workshop Robotics Competition.

Amount Requested: $2231.26

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